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Unlocking the Chartist Trials is part of the Cynefin Trails to Trials project. It aims to transcribe more than 3,000 documents that were gathered together shortly after the Chartist uprising that took place in Newport on 3rd and 4th November 1839. Some of the documents were used in the sensational treason trial that took place in Monmouth's Shire Hall the following month. This COMMUNITY FILM by Green Valley Films and Made in Tredegar offers an introduction to the documents.

The project relies on volunteer support. We hope that you will decide to HELP US TRANSCRIBE the words of the ordinary men and women caught up in the fight for democracy in the South Wales valleys at the beginning of Queen Victoria's reign.

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Cynefin: Mapping Wales’ Sense of Place is a partnership project led by Archives Wales. It aims to digitise more than 1100 maps and transcribe over 36,000 apportionment documents and link them to the relevant location on the map of Wales.

Cynefin partners also includes the National Library of Wales and People’s Collection Wales. Most of the funding is from the Heritage Lottery Fund but there is support also from The Welsh Government through CyMAL, the National Library of Wales and Archives Wales.