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Learning Resources for Schools & Adult Groups

Chartism in south Wales represents an important step on the road to democracy in Britain. The aim of Trails to Trials is to make the words of the men and women caught up in these events accessible to everyone. We have brought together resources from a number of sources for this purpose.

An introduction for teachers and other learning professionals

These resources are intended for use with pupils at various stages of the curriculum They are suited for teaching humanities subjects, in particular history and geography. They can also be used to explore citizenship and develop literacy and creative skills.

Many of the resources are also suitable for use with further and higher education students. They may also be of interest to adults studying Chartism or local history.   

They include:

  • 3,400 high resolution images (and transcriptions) of documents gathered by the authorities following the 1839 Newport Uprising. Many were used in the subsequent treason trial.
  • Around 1,100 tithe maps and accompanying apportionment documents. These show landscape, property ownership and land use across Gwent and around 95% of Wales when Chartism was at its height
  • Documents, engravings, drawings and paintings relating to Chartism, the uprising and its aftermath.
  • Community film about Chartism and film of the Chartist trial re-enactment
  • High resolution images of copies of the Western Vindicator newspaper published by leading Chartist Henry Vincent.
  • Information on what how government works today and in Victorian Britain, what Chartism was, who was involved and Chartist activity across south Wales
  • Documents, engravings, drawings and publications relating to working and living conditions in industrial south Wales in the 1830s and 1840s.
  • Suggested websites for additional information
  • Audio files of Chartist hymns, with scores and a facsimile Chartist hymn book
  • Targeted teaching notes and suggested lesson plans for KS2, KS3, ‘A’ level history
  • List of Chartist resources available at Gwent Archives
  • Suggested places to visit and Chartist walking trails across particular areas of Gwent
  • Activities to use in class, including:
    • Leaders and Enemies (illustrated profiles of key players in Uprising)
    • Occupations  (illustrated profiles of typical Victorian occupations and whether they had the right to vote)
    • Citizenship matrix

They have been produced by a variety of organisations including: