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Volume 6


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Regina<lb/> <person>Tho<hi rend='superscript'>s</hi> Davies</person><lb/>
<add>[across 2nd fold]</add><lb/> Regina<lb/>v<hi rend='superscript'>s</hi><lb/> <person>Tho<hi rend='superscript'>s</hi> Davies</person><lb/> Riot and Assault <lb/> on <person>Geo. Hitchings</person><lb/> <place>Ebbw Vale</place><lb/><lb/><add> [at foot of page] </add><lb/>461<add> [written over previous number 79...?] </add>

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[across 2nd fold]
Thos Davies
Riot and Assault
on Geo. Hitchings
Ebbw Vale

[at foot of page]
461 [written over previous number 79...?]