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Except from what I heard, I did
not know anything about a Riot
then - I did not see the peace
once broken there - I knew nothing
of the Riot - except from the firing of
the Guns - Everything was quiet so
far as I saw -
By Sir F rk Pollock.
I might have been a foot or two
from the door. The door opened
on the right hand side - and I
was on the left hand side going
in - there might have been forty or
fifty persons in the passage -
that was about 9 o'Clock -
When the mob were coming
they all crowded to the passage
to see them more out of curiosity
than fear.
I remember no one who was
there except for Scard and Mr Hopkins
I went straight to the door of
the Westgate - I was close to the door -
might perhaps be a foot or two
from the door when I went
away. there was a sort of
rush to go back - but not
much confusion.
I did not see what persons