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Volume 14


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Regina v[ersus] James Rawlings James Cantello - lives at Stow Hill near
the Church- was at home all day Sunday and
Monday 3rd and 4th Nov[ember] instant - James Rawings worked with Mr.
and has since worked with me and James
Laborer for Mr. Edwards - Prisoner lodged in my House-
About 8 and 9 o'clock On Monday morning 4 November
instant between 8 and 9 o'clock in the morning I heard a great noise
and people come into my House - I did not
get up - I told them to go away - I cannot
say whether Rawlings was at home all that
night - I have seen Rawlings since - on
the Tuesday 5th November instant at George
in Banes Well - he was wounded
in the leg - I was sent for to see him -
he said his leg was very bad - that he was
standing by Mr. Clements - the Druggist when
the Ball took him in his leg at the Corner on
the Monday morning when the firing took
place at the Westgate Inn - James Webb
came up stairs and kept out of the way
he did not go with them but I heard
that Rawlings did
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