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Volume 3


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was to be his throwing Crackery and Powder up in the Air
As soon as he see that, he, the Prisoner and his Men
was to go on his duty and not before - I think I
staid in the field till about three o'Clock in the
morning - I and another Man then made our escape
and I went home, and went to bed - it was rain very
bad and very dark - I was wet to my Skin all
Next morning they called me out of my bed and said
there was thousands and thousands of the Colliers coming
down, it was then I think about 8 o'Clock - I
got up. a Man was working on the Dock who
called me up - I should know him again if I see
him _ I got up and went straight along the Tram
road towards the Court y Billa Machine - I did see