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him come into the House with a Milk Pan in his hand and I saw
him go out again with it in his hand, He did not speak in
my hearing I have not seen him since until today - I was
always in the habit of taking Milk from him ever since he live
next door, and before he came there, He was always in the habit
of bringing the Milk himself Night and Morning He has not
brought any Milk to any house since that morning Monday 4th.
November I have not seen him since I never remember him
staying away before; excepting for a day when Vincents trial was,
going on I have seen his Wife since, Had he lived at home since
that time I think I must have known it Previous to the 3rd. of
November I have been in the habit of sending my servant for Milk.
(Mary X Jenkins

Moses Scard Sworn, Says, I live at Pillgwenlly I am a Police
Officer I know the Prisoner he sells Milk, he supplies our House
with Milk I remember seeing the Prisoner a little after Vincent was
taken I said to him I dont hear much about the Chartists
now, it is all over with them I said so to him because
I understand he was a great Chartist - He said "Oh no it
is not, You'll see one of these days what the Chartists will do"
I saw him last on Sunday before the Riots. he called at
our house about 8 o'Clock every morning I dont know that
he ever missed his Wife comes now since he has been
gone I did not see the Prisoner from Monday morning
the 4th. November until he was apprehended I have been
trying to apprehend him all I could
Moses Scard

James Hodge Sworn States I am a Collier and live at
Monythusloyne I am at present in Mr. Prothero's employ
I live at Woodfield near the Blackwood - I was at home
on the evening of Sunday the 3rd. November I was at home
that evening at 7 o'Clock A number of men came to my
house that night they were from 7 to 10 they were armed
there was a Gun or two and a pike or two they told me

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