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Volume 12


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[top right hand margin:-]98
Regina v[ersus] Thomas Morgan
Henry Lewis of Tredegar States that - At three
o'clock I went up to the Colliers Row to a house there
where I used to resort and when I got there the door
was locked and the people inside asked who was there
I told them Henry upon which they opened the door
the first thing I saw on entering was a stick about
nine yards long and several others of various sizes
with an Iron ferule on each Stick- I also [saw] a hammer
lying on the floor I asked them what they did with that
Hammer Thomas Morgan answered to sharpened
the point of their Iron in which he drew the Iron
from the fire and began to point it on the paving
and when finished put it in the longest stick- I
then asked him what they were going to do with them
he told me they were mop's tails- I replied they are
comical mops tails- Oh he answered they will