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Ebenezer Vaughan Jenkins of Newport Shopman
to Mr Herbert Williams Druggist states -
On the morning of the 4th November last I was proceeding up the
Cardiff Road towards Newport in the direction of Commercial Street where I met John Partridge the Printer - this was about half past eight
He was walking towards the Machine .

Isaac Evans Clerk to Mr Withers of Newport [blank space ] states
I knew the Prisoner John Partridge - I have known him several months.
On the morning of Monday the 4th instant I went to the Court y Bella Machine
to meet the Chartists whom I heard were coming to Newport - I saw them coming
in a Body armed with Pikes and Swords in great numbers - I did not see
John Frost there - As soon as I saw the Crowd I turned back towards Newport.
I met the Prisoner between the Machine and Newport apparently going to
meet the Chartists between 200 and 300 yards on the Newport side of the Machine
I did not see anything in his hand - I believe it was between 8 and 9
O'clock - He was going alone and said nothing - As he passed I looked
after him I saw him going on - The Chartists were not then in sight. I went
on a little further then turned and looked back - I saw the Chartists going up
the Lane towards the Friars I then went up Commercial Street I came opposite
The Westgate Inn I saw them coming down Stow Hill and turn round the corner
of the Westgate Inn - They entered the door and began to fire - I saw the first attack
It was made by the Chartists no shot was fired until after the Mob entered
the house and fired. When I turned back after Partridge passed me I saw
the Chartists coming Partridge must have seen them also -
William Welsh of Newport Laborer states
I was coming up Charles St
on the morning of the Riots about 10 O'clock when the Mob armed with Pikes, Guns
of all sorts were going down Stow Hill. I saw John Partridge</hi> whom I have known a
good bit clapping his hands and hollowing out"Well done my boys" One of the men asked
him " Where are the Newport Chartists" he said "They will be here directly" He was standing
by the Tree close to the Red Lion - I was stood close to him. He had on a White Hat & blue coat.
I saw John Partridge next day hand cuffed going to the Westgate. I am sure it was him
I have seen him many times at the Barbers Shop near the Westgate I have heard his name called often