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Volume 7


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upon him - I took him before Mr Homfray the Magistrate
when the Prisoner was before the Magistrate he said
that the Balls and the Mould produced by the last Witness
Phillips had been taken from him
and that he had
made the Bullets for Chartists to prevent his being
taken away by them and in order that he might remain
at home with his wife who was very ill and
had not
been confined more than a week - I don't know how
long his wife has been ill - I returned with the
Prisoner to his house about 3 o'Clock in the morning
I then searched his house I found a Bullet Mould
numbered 58 with a Bullet in it - 14 Pistol Bullets
and a piece of Lead that appeared to have been recently
melted - he said the lead was for making the
pendulum of a clock - He made the Bullets for the
Chartists to prevent his being taken away - that his
wife was very ill and that he would have been
taken away had he not consented to make them
He said he had been up to the Chartist Lodge
on the Saturday night where he had been
detained very late - He stated that he had been
a subscriber but had not attended for a considerable
time - On the Thursday or Friday I cannot tell
which he said a person came to his Shop and
asked him how they got on - he did not at first
understand his meaning but above alluding to the
Lodge in Dukes Town - this person who he stated to
me he did not know, told him there was to be a
meeting at the Chartist Lodge on the Saturday night
and that he would be expected there - that after he had
finished his work on the Saturday he went up and remained
with them very late or rather early - I asked what
their intentions were - I held out no promise to him