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Volume 11


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William Williams of Abersychan - Labourer - in the 70
Pentwyn Iron Works stated
On Sunday night last I was at work at the Pentwyn
Furnaces with other workmen - about 100 men came about 9
o'clock into the East House - they had pikes and sticks and
ordered us to stop the work and said if we did not stop they would
make us - some of them said is we did not stop working
they would make an end of us - all the men at Foundries
stopped because they were afraid - They hallowed out "all
come along - if you don't we'll make you" - I went with
them for about a quarter of a mile when I made my escape
from them and went home to bed - about 4 o'clock on the
Monday morning - I heard knocking at the door of my
father's house where I lodged - the men at the door called
out "get up" - I then got up - My father and a Lodger also got
up - My father opened the front door and a fellow workman
named John Spencer shortly after came in and asked me
if I was going down to see what they were going at - He and
I then went to Pontnewydd and were going towards Pontypool
along the Tram Road when we were stopped by several men
who told us we should not go that Road - We then stopped
and in about 10 minutes they told us to come on and we
followed, more than 50 of us - We went on through Pontypool
on the Road to Newport and did not stop till we came to the
Newport Turnpike Gate about a Mile or two before we came to the
Turnpike Gate I saw William Jones - (commonly called
Jones the Watchmaker) coming from a House a little
distance from the Road in company with two other
persons - the House was a new built House rough cast
in front - there were fresh broken stones laid on the Road