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the Pris.r was not quite drunk

___John Clarke
William Chambers Sworn States
I am a private in the 45th Regt.
of foot. I have been so about
13 months - we are now Statd.
in Newport - we were here on
the 10th of last month - I was
making towards the Bridge about
5 or 6 in the ev-g of that day
& met a person near the Kings
- the pris.r Victory is
the person - he spoke first to
us - me and 2 of my brother Soldiers
EdwrdDalton and Wm Chambers -
he asked us if we would go and
have a glass of rum each - he
welcomed us to the Town it
was a day or two after we came
to Town - we agreed to go - he took
us to a sort of a dram shop on
the same side of the St. the
Kings Head
- this side of the
Kings Head
a 4 Glasses of rum was
ordered in the dram shop a
Glass each - the Pris.r Victory gave
the order - a woman brought it
in. I have heard her name since
it is Ann Davis we drank the
rum and water a further order
was Given of a Glass each - Victory




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