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Barr his now a Pris.r for desertion
Bar was with me and heard the
conversation - he asked us to go
to a public and said that he
would be with us in a few minutes
he took us to the Door - the
public house is The Wheel - it is
on the Road going out of the
Town - we went in Barr with
me - we had 2 pints of Beer
The Prisr. did not come in he
came with me to the Door and
left us. The Pris.r told me his
name when I met him the
2nd time he told me his name
was Morgan or some such
name - we was coming out
and met him at the Door - me
and my comrade had made
up our minds to desert when we
met him and told him we had
made up our minds to desert.
Before we came to the Wheel
we went to the Spirit Shop we
had been at before. I asked
the woman at the Spirit Shop
if she could direct us to the
house of the man we met there
2 nights before. She told us she
did not know exactly where this
house was but to go down




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