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we enquired for work - the two farmers
took us to a public house
before we went to the Barn. I could
not point out the Barn again.
We had a pint or 2 of Beer at the
public house it was ordered by
the farmers. I did not hear them
call each others names. The public
house was on the side of the
H[igh]way - I don't know the sign -
it was about 1/2 past nine at
night. I might know the Landlord
or Landlady again if we was
taken to that house again - the
the house is above a mile from Newport
on the right hand side of
the Road in going from Newport.
I am quite sure we did not
get work at Blaenavon. my
comrade fell sick at Blaenavon
and I left him and came
back to Newport I arrived at
Newport on Monday evening.
I have seen Barr since he is
a prisr. I was afraid of the
consequences which induced me
to come back. I have seen the
Prisnr since - I saw Victory
the morning of the Row it was
after the Row - not in the mob
I came down in Mr Grey's party [*].
I saw him or some one very
much like him who smiled at
me. I doubt whether it was him


[* Lt Basil Gray]



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