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I have been at his house but I have
not seen him since Morgan keeps
a Beer house. Morgan's wife said
something to me about Barr. I don't
know what. I am not certain what
it was. She asked me either how he was
or something like it. This was last
Monday was a fortnight. I did not
see Morgan in the house at all
I think Morgan's wife said How is
Barr but I am not sure whether
it was that or whether it was Has
Barr has told anything I said no I am not
sure which of the two. I don't know
what I should say if I did not
understand a question. I asked him
for some tobacco the Monday evening
after the Row.

John Clark

Taken before us
W Brewer
James Coles
Octavius Morgan
Ann Davis Sworn States. I live in High
in this town. I keep a Spirit Shop [*] I know
the Prisoner Victory. I remember the Prisoner coming
to my Shop with some Soldiers. I remember
his coming to my Shop many times with Soldiers.
I remember his coming upon one occasion
with three Soldiers and ordering Rum for them.
He first ordered four Glasses of Rum one for
each of the Soldiers and one for himself -

W Brewer
James Coles
Octavius Morgan

[written vertically across the text]


[* Spirit Shop, High St., Npt]]



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