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I believe that having drunk the first four Glasses
the Prisoner ordered four other Glasses - to the best of
my knowledge they drank 8 Glasses between them-
All the Glasses that were ordered on that occassion
were ordered by the Prisoner I was not paid
for them at the time. I gave the credit to the
Prisoner. I remember a Soldier calling soon
afterwards enquiring where the person who
treated them lived. He asked me if I could
tell where the person lived who treated them
I directed him as well as I could to Thomas
where I understood the Prisoner lived.
I did not understand at the time that it was
for the Prisoner Victory the soldier was enquiring.
I had an account against the prisoner Victory
at that time & I added the rum and water
to his account. Victory was very much in
the habit of coming to my shop & when he
came there he was mostly drunk. I
I remember his exclaiming very much
against what at had happend at Birmingham
He has repeatedly treated the Soldiers at my house
Always brought them when he was Drunk-
The Rum & water has been paid for by Victory.

The mark of
Ann Davies

James Coles W Brewer
Octavius Morgan




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