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said he expected a few friends
that night then Waters came
My Master he beckoned Waters
up into the Room to shew
him the new Benches. Waters
said he was much obliged
There was a small box of paper
in the Room which was
taken away Friday night
The Men began to come about 1/2
p[ast] 6 and remained about
one hour & half My master
was sitting in the Room down
stairs & said I will go up
stairs and see what the Chartists
are making such a noise
about. He laughed I went
halfway up the stairs I heard
Charles Waters say something
but what I cannot say
I have seen a Copy of a Receipt for the Rent
paid for the use of the Room I think they
paid £16 a year . I heard my Master say
last Sunday night he was sorry he let out the room
that the Chartists were a set of vagabonds [signed] Maria// Sackett



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