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10 [In top right corner of page]

[Top left hand margin:-]
Reg[in]a v[ersus] John Williams - for Treason

Llewellyn Powell of Beaufort in the parish of LLangattock
in the County of Brecon, Hallier in the employ of the Monmouthshire
Iron and Coal Company
States. That having frequently
lost quantities of bar iron from the trams when
coming down from the Victoria Works to Newport and
[in left hand margin against this sentence:-- John Owen]
suspecting John Williams of the parish ofAberystruth in the
County of Monmouth Blacksmith I went about
several nights to watch him and about nine
days before the 4th Nov[ember] the time of the Newport
Riots beween one and two o'clock in the
morning I saw looked thro' the shutters in John Williams Shop and saw
him making an iron instrument on the
Anvil similar to the instrument which
I have heard the rioters brought down to
Newport, and which I have seen there was another instrument
which appeared to be finished on the
block of the Anvil. The instrument was
about eight inches long and sharp on both
sides, it had a Jak at the end. I
thought at the time he was making
knives for his House. I knocked at



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