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[Top right hand margin:-] 16
[In pencil left hand side - top margin:-] Thomas
Henry Morgan being sworn states he is a Shoemaker that on
Saturday the second of November he went to the May Pole kept by Henry
the prisoner to pay some money he had collected for his Master
Thomas Charles the Son of Henry Charles- David Stevens the younger
called him into the Room which was full of people, he knew they were
Chartists, David Stevens asked him to go down to the Sun Beer House kept
by William Gimlet and fetch the books he did so and William Gimlet
gave him the books and he took them to the may Pole this was about eight
o clock in the morning evening he placed the books on the Table before David
Stevens the younger
there were two books- he stood by David Stevens who
asked him to call the names but no names were called as David Stevens the
Father of David Stevens the younger was going to make a speech.- He -
David Stevens asked them if they would be willing to join ten together
and put one over them, this was refused and he left the room, Henry
was not in present, He is a member of the Chartists he has been
a member about a month, he paid two pence the first night at William
and he received a Card, he has paid once since, one penny
David Stevens the younger gave him the card at William Gimlets House.
He was not from his House on Sunday the third of November, about seven
or eight o clock in the evening he was afraid to stay in his House and went
to the door and a person man named George Beach came to him with a drawn
sword and said he must go along with them and he took him along with
him down the road toward Crumlin, there were several others armed came
along with George Beach some had guns and some had Pikes, he went down
to Risca and by Risca Bridge he endeavoured to run away he was stopped
and guarded by three men armed he believes with Pikes, he went to Newport
with the mob, he did not get down to the Westgate, he saw no body with
the mob that he knew that had arms with them, He never attended any
Chartist Meetings but the one two he has named one at the House of William
and the other on Saturday the third of November at Henry Clarkes Charles
House, He took the books on the sunday morning to the House of
William Gimlet, David Stephens the younger brought them to the his House
in the morning and requested him to take them, He saw David Stephens
the elder
at the House of William Gimlet, when he took the books, he
put the Books on the Table, there were two or three more their there besides, David
Stevens the Elder
He saw David Stevens the elder take a Sovereign off the Table

The following annotations are in the left margin alongside the main text.

Henry Charles
David Stephens
William Gimlet
of The Sun
Chartist house

David Stephens Jun[io]r
making a speech

D. Stephens Jun[io]r
George Beach
drawn Sword



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