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18 [In top right corner of page]

Meeting at Henry Charles' House but the one on the second of November
He did not see any arms at that Meeting
[on right half of the page - centre right:-] Herbert his X Mark Davies

Taken and sworn before us
the 11[th] Nov[embe]r 1839
Sam[ue]l. Homfray
Edm[un]d Williams

[In pencil :-] Reg[in]a v[ersus][W[illia]m Gimlet Landlord of the "Sun"

Joseph Lewis being served states that he is a Butcher and lives
in the Parish of Monuthusloyne in the County of Monmouth that on a
Saturday the second of November he went to the House of William Gimlet called
the Sun it is a Beer House, he cut up a quarter of beef he sold to William
the day before William Gimlet asked him what sort of Market he had
on Friday he said he had a pretty good one but could sell more if he was a
Chartist He told William Gimlet that he thought the chartists would come to
nothing and he would be a member as it would enable him to sell more Meat,
he asked William Gimlet when there would be a meeting he said on Monday
night And he desired William Gimlet to put his name down as he would be
a member, On Sunday morning the third of November he went to the House
of William Gimlet for the money he owed him and called for a Pint of
Beer about half past eleven o Clock he had the pint of Beer and charged
it against him he drank the Beer, soon after that he saw Thomas Morgan,
David Stevens the elder and some other persons go out and come in again and
soon after either Thomas Morgan or William Gimlet came to the door and -
beckoned to him and gave him a Card the Card now produced is the Card he
received, When he was going home, William Gimlet came out with him and witness he
asked what was going on and William Gimlet said he thought they were
going to Newport that night and were to meet at the Cross, William Gimlet
said he was not. he then left William Gimlet and went home, William Gimlet
said if they happened to gain the day I He thought it would be better for
every one to go there, There were several drinking in the House of William
at the time he was there, David Stevens the elder, John Morgan
and the other persons that were with him went away before he left
William Gimletts House they were not in the same room as he was in at first

The following annotations are faintly written in the left margin

2nd Nov[embe]r Went to the Town W[illia]m Gimlet
Thomas Morgan
Stephens Sen[io]r
The Card
W[illia]m Gimlet A mistake, Thomas Morgan
John Morgan



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