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Analysis of Witnesses ag[ain]t.Z Williams -

1 Service of 2nd list of Witnesses.
2 Attended Sev[era]l meetings at Williams house - was ordered by Williams to attend one
Meeting on the Mountain on the 3.rd armed Williams he said we were going to Newport
3 Was present at the meeting with the Delegates the week before the riots organising the plans
for the Riots
4. Saw Williams at Welsh Oak telling the mob to get on
5. Attended Chartist meetings at Williams House, Saw Williams go to Jones the
the day before the riots.
6. To meeting at Williams House - that Williams he told them to come around to
the Mountain. Saw men with pikes by Williams House on the Sunday
7. Asked Williams what the woman w[oul]d do for victuals till the men came back. She
him a Chartist paid for my husband.
8. Was at Williams house on Sunday 3rd Nov[ember] saw w[hic]h was full of men. saw him
rolling up Cartridges in a Paper
9. Saw Williams come thro' the park & spoke to him.
10. Saw Williams with the Mob at Welsh Oak who spoke to him Witness
11. To meeting at Williams Home on Sunday & his telling them to come armed to the
Mountain. Receiving a Chartist card from him.
12. Attended meetings at Prisoners house & at the Mountain. Prisoner lent him
a sovereign to buy a Gun.
13. Attended a meeting at on the 31 Oct[obe]r Prisoner told them to prepare & organize
14. To the same as the last witness.
16. Prisoner & a mob came to his House Sunday night
17. That Frost prisoner and Jones attended meetings at Blackwood before the Riots.
18. This Witness does not attend.
19. Attended meeting at Prisoners Home on Sunday. he stated they must be at Newport
by 2 o Clock.
20. Speaks of a meeting at the back of Prisoners house the middle of Oc[ober].
21. Saw Prisoner come in with the mob to Newport
22. To his attending meeting at his house (Coach & Horses) the week before the riots.
23. To the same effects
24. To the meeting at the Royal Oak & the Mountain. Prisoner
ordered them to bring bread and cheese with them
25. Saw sev[era]l mens armed in Prisoners House on the Sunday. Saw the
Chartists pay money to Prisoner w[hic]h was put down in a in a Book.



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