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Analysis of Witnesses against W[illia]m Jones.
1. Service of 2nd. List.
2. Speaks to Prisoner addressing a Meet[in]g at Sirhowy. Saw him on the Monday morning
about 11 on the Newport road with an armed body of men.
3. Speaks to sev[era]l meetings at the Coach and Horses with the delegates the week before
the riot arranging the plans for the attack upon Newport
4 Saw Prisoner at the Navigation Inn Sunday Evening. he asked witness if he was armed that they S[houl]d. have a flag on the Church at Newport before 10 next morning -
5. Apprehended Prisoner.
6. Attended meeting at Prisoners house a week before the riots - saw Prisoner at Abersychan
who told the people they c[oul]d have plenty of arms at the race-course. saw Prisoner afterwards
with arranging a body of armed men
7. Service of copy indictment Jury list and 1st List of Witnesses.
8. The Officer commanding at the Westgate.
9. The Police Officer who searched Prisoner & found papers upon him. speaks as to
the attack upon the Westgate.
12. Was present when Frost & Prisoner attended meetings at Blackwood & Dukes Town they said they
must have the Charter by force & recomend the Mob to arm
13. Was passed by the mob. Prisoner took an active part in Conducting the March.
14. Saw Frost & Williams & Prisoner Sev[era]l days at Blackwood previous to the Mob. heard that they
held the meeting
15. To the same effect.
17. Passed by the Mob. Prisoner appeared to be the leader of that Party.
18. A member of a Chartist Lodge at John Llewellyns house - prisoner was
19. Attended a lodge meeting back of Z Williams House. Prisoner spoke very violently
20. An armed mob came to his mothers house Sunday night - prisoner was the leader
they took a gun from the house.
21. Passed by mob Prisoner desired mob to bring him a long - Prisoner he directed that
22. That
23. That Z Williams & Prisoner slept at his House Thursday evg & on the next
day Headed for the meeting of the Delegates.
24 To the same effect
26 Service of 3rd. list of Witnesses
27 Servant at Coach & Horses speaks to prisoner, Frost & Williams being there.



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