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28. Attended a meeting on 30th Oct[ober] prisoner spoke
29. Apprehended Prisoner
30 Prisoner & Z Williams attended at and spoke at a Lodge at Witness House Wednesday Evening
32. Saw Prisoner at his House 2 nd Nov[ember] he said the Chartists were going to Newport
to shew their strength

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Z Williams & Jones, X

Analysis of Witnesses
Copied TR

Analysis of Witnesses ag[ains]t. John Partridge -
1 Posted a Bill for the apprehension of Frost & others near the
Prisoners House
2 Saw Prisoner between 8 & 9 o'clock the morn[in]g of the riots going to work in the direction
the Chartists came.
3 Saw Prisoner at the Ship & Pilot at 7 o'Clock the morning of the Riots
he was cursing and said " There w[oul]d. be such work done in Newport that day as
never was before it"
4 Heard Prisoner at 8 o'Clock on the same morning tell Charles Evans at that he w[oul]d. meet him
in 25 minutes at the Waterloo - this is the direct road from the
5 That Frost & Walters came to Prisoners House on the Sunday Even[in]g
Walters went to bed - both had refreshments.
6. That the hand bills for the apprehension of Frost & were
posted before 5 oClock.
7 Saw the Prisoner at the top of Charles S[tree]t pursuing the Chartists, & when
asked Chartists w[oul]d.be he here said they will be &
8 Apprehended prisoner at his House for Frost & Walters
9 Corroborates last witness.
x here presently.



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