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Pris[one]r. and this man told us not
to come without Pikes & weapons
The Pris[one]r. s[ai]d. be did not think they wo[ul]d
be wanted as their numbers would
frighten the people & the Soldiers
but that if the Soldiers fired
upon them then they were to use
their weapons & kill them. The
Pris[one]r. told the men to take bread
& Cheese in their Pockets as they
would have a long March
I was ordered to meet at the
near Ebbw Vale but
I went to Chapel & did not go
The Pris[one]r. told us there would
[be] thousands & tens of thousands at on
the mountain & that we were
to meet near the Chapel and that
there would be spies to watch every
one that staid behind that they
might live a little while but
should die like Dogs.



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