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Thomas Waters of the Beauford Iron Works miner
states - On Sunday evening the 3rd November at 6 o'Clock I went to Carmel
at the Beauford Works - I had been there about 2 hours I should -
think when some men came into the Chapel and disturbed the congregation
The preacher said in his discourse "we were all born to die" when one of the
persons who had come in cried out"yes some of you sooner than you think
for" or words to that effect - There were about half a Dozen Men in the
Chapel and I should think about 50 or 60 more outside - I and some others
went to the door and asked them to keep silence and leave us alone -
They said "we were bound to come along with them" and continued their
interruption - I went back into Chapel with several others and told the rest I
thought it was no use to attempt continuing the service, and the congregation
being very much frightened began to disperse very quickly - many ran away -
some hid themselves - I left my wife in the Chapel and went out to see if there
was a possibility of escaping and thinking there was I went back for my Wife
I met Mrs Ridge the minister's wife who asked me to put out the Candles in
the Gallery and I went to do so - A man whom I don't know follow me up
the stairs and called me and another man who was hiding under a -
bench there to come down - the other man went down - I said I was putting
out the Candles and when I had finished I would come down - as I was
coming down I saw George George standing on the Gallery stairs - he said to me
"what did I go to hide myself for I said I didn't think of such a thing - I also said
Georgy is that you my boy impossible that you are going to make a blackguard
of yourself he repied "did you ever see me a blackguard Tom" "No" said I and
I hope you are not going to begin to night - he said "No" he also said I could
not excuse myself as I was active enough to go - he did not say where - and I
did not ask him - I left him standing on the stairs and went out of the -
Chapel to my home with my wife and putting some money into my pocket I
started off about 9 o'clock into Brecknockshire to be out of the way of the Chartists
and did not return until Thursday night - I did not see George George in
the Chapel until I saw him on the Gallery stairs
"Thomas Waters"



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