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George George's Case [Faintly written]

Moses Scard - sworn - I am a Police Officer of Newport
I was on duty on Monday 4th November instant at the
Westgate Inn - I was on duty on Sunday night and all
day Monday - on Monday morning about 10 o'Clock I went
to MrsHarris' who lives on Stow Hill adjoining the Catholic Chapel
I was in danger of my life in consequences of having my Police
Clothes on and I went there to change them - I changed them
while I was in the house - I saw a man with his arm bleeding
go into Margaret Jones' in Bakehouse Lane - After that I saw
the Prisoner throw down a pike - it was a long stick with -
something sharp at the end of it - the stick was about five feet
long and the pike about 14 inches long - I cannot tell the
the exact shape of the pike about 14 inches long - it appeared to be sharp
and pointed - he was running up the hill and throw down the pike
at the corner as he entered Bakehouse Lane - I followed the prisoner - I
waited 5 or 6 minutes being afraid to go out at the time - I went to the
House of Margaret Jones and found the Prisoner there - I am quite
certain the Prisoner is the man - I saw him run up the Hill and
throw down the pike - I don't recollect to have seen him before I
I searched him in the presence of Margaret Jones and another woman
and I found on his person the Card now produced I asked him
what business he had there - he said he was made come he was
forced to come this was after the firing had taken place at the
- I found other pikes in the Road. I picked up the pike -
I saw the Prisoner throw down, with many other pikes I found on the
Road - I then picked up 10 or 12 pikes - I have no doubt it was a
pike I saw the prisoner throw down -it was not more than 10
minutes before I picked up more pikes - I picked up about 150 pikes
altogether - I don't know the pike I took up from the Prisoner
I did not make mark any of the Pikes, the Prisoner's name is George George
I took the Prisoner up at Margaret Jones' in Bakerhouse Lane -
I saw him throw down the pike at the Corner of that Lane -
Moses Scard
I produce two Pikes one I can swear to and the other is very
like that which the Prisoner dropped See over before I apprehend[ed] him.

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