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The Prisoner being called upon for his defence and duly
cautioned states as follows - I belong to Sirhowy Works -
I was pressed - I was in the house and I could hear a great
deal of noise about the Road - then I runned out of the house
then I tried to make my way from them - then I went on about 4
Miles I suppose - then there was a lot of people before me - I
could hear them talking and then when I heard them atalking
then I could hear another lot coming after me or after the others
I could not tell where they was going - I was betwixt them
then they hallowed out hallow who is there and then they
asked me my name and asked me where I was going - then
I told them as I was going down to my fathers in Law - he was
very poorly - then they told me as I was bound to come
along with they - and then I begged upon them for to go to
my father in laws and they told me as I should not as I
was bound to come along with they and they made me go then
I did come for fear of my life and I came down all the way
with them and this here road that do turn from the tram
Road [ ]
after we come and little bit thence I could see the people
a running back and I asked them what was the matter and
and then they said as there had been a firing here, the Soldiers on
them And all they went on and I came down and I seed two
Men lying dead there - they was shot - however they was
lying down before this House here - then I returned back
then I went to some little house that is across that way and I
did meet the Policeman acoming towards here and he passed
me and I went on by him and I went to this here house and the
same old Woman said I asked a Young man - there was a
Man sitting in a chair on the right hand and then I asked
him what was the matter with him and then he told me as he
was shot in his Arm and then I asked him how did he find
himself and he said he was very poorly and that is all I have
got to tell you - Yes the Policeman came in the same as the old
Woman said - the old Woman told the truth the Policeman took a
false Oath - I don't wish to say any thing more -
The mark of the Prisoner X George George

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