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escape & thinking there was, I went back for
my Wife - I met Mrs Ridge the Minister's Wife
who asked me to put out the Candles in the Gallery
& I went to do so - A man who I don't know
followed me up the stairs & called me & another
man who was hiding under a bench there to come
down - the other man went down. I said I
was putting out the Candles & when I had finished
I would come down - As I was coming down
I saw George George standing on the Gallery
Stairs - he said to me - What did I go to hide
myself for - I said I didn't think of such a
thing - I also said Georgy ... is that you my boy
Impossible that you are going to make a blackguard
of yourself - he replied "Did you ever see
me a blackguard Tom" No" said I & I hope
you are not going to begin to night - he said "No" -
He also said I could not excuse myself as I
was active enough to go - he did not say where
& I did not ask him - I left the him standing
on the stairs & went out of the Chapel to my home
with my wife & putting some money in my



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