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19 [In top right corner of the page]

I saw they were grinding something but did not particularly know
what it was - I was making some hinges - after my Master came in
he worked at them with me - My Master asked when he came in
what they were about - I did not hear what they said - I saw in Gibby's
hand a long spear he was grinding it and Herring --[?] it. We made
about a dozen hinges that night - I went to Jenkin Morgan's house that
night Gibby went with me and Herring - I did not know those who were
in the house before him - They were fastening on these Spears there; They
were not the same as my master made for Morgan. They were fastening
them with two hatchets on Sticks 8 or 9 feet long - I saw John Gibby
there and Jenkin Morgan and his wife but not Stephens, there were
other persons there but I did not know them - I did not see them
do anything with the Pikes - I saw them go out one after another
they had these Sticks in their hands and the Spears were on them
- I saw Jenkin Morgan go out, he had one - I did see anything
else - I saw a bayonet in the house but I did not see Morgan take it
with him - I saw John Gibby go out - he was in the house when
I saw them fastening on the pikes - I went to Jenkin Morgan's
because he met me the day before and told me to go there
- When
at Morgan's he asked me to go with them, he told me he was going
to meet some parties but did not know who they were. We were to go
to Caerleon
- I know Newport Bridge we went over it to go to Caerleon
I said to Morgan I had no Weapon or any thing in my hand
to go with them. I did go Jenkin Morgan told me to go or I should
be killed myself so I went accordingly on the Caerleon Road
Morgan had a pike with him
, Gibby had another, it was one
with a socket on and not like the one ground at my Masters
Davis of the Pottery was not there - They made much noise when they
were putting on the Pikes - On the Monday morning after I saw my
Master and for 4 days after then I went from home - When Jenkin
came to my Master's Shop, he told my Master to make a
Spear for himself
(Morgan) I am come here from Monmouth Gaol
- I was sent there with my Master for making Spears I have been
examined before by this man here (meaning Mr Phelps) it was
yesterday in prison - He did not say anything to induce me to come
here - I came here as a Prisoner. I had not been examined before

5 [In a spiral at bottom centre of page]

4 [Bottom left of page]

The following is written in the left margin:

This man swears it
was hinges they were
and so does his Master Mr
. Witness
might have been mistaken
as to what they
were making
but both speak
A Dozen

Near the bottom of the text in the left margin the section containing "Spear for himself" is highlighted with a double vertical stroke.



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