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by any persons besides by this person I was brought down last
Saturday to the Westgate at Newport with my Master (Stephens) and John Gibby
- I had not made any Statement before I was
asked if I had any thing to say against John Gibby. I was asked
by this Gentleman here (meaning Mr. Phelps) I had not been asked
before at the Workhouse by a Police Officer or any one else - I was
sent to [Monmouth]Gaol but not for making any difference in my
Statement - I now give my Statement because I am on Oath - That
Gentleman (Mr. Phelps). Yesterday did not tell me I was to give Evidence
What I said yesterday in the Gaol was taken down. I did not
know for what use until I came here to day - I was absent from
home for a fortnight - John Gibby told me to go for fear I should be
taken - I went and came back by myself - when Jenkin Morgan
came to the Shop and asked him to make a Spear for him my
Master said he would and I saw him make it, but I did not see him
deliver it to Morgan - I was not had in the large room at the
Westgate on Saturday before the Magistrates - No other person but this
man (Mr Phelps) ever questioned me - My Master, self and Gibby were
in the Poor house at Newport, neither of them asked me not to give
Evidence against them - I told my Master if I was called I would
give Witness and my Master said he would do the same thing -
- I have often made things by a pattern that I did not know the use
E Brickley X his mark

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