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Edward Brickley states - I am a Blacksmith a
shoeing smith - I know Pillgwenlly - I have lived there for nearly two years
I know William Stephens - he is present - I know John Gibby, he is present
also - hear is Stephens (pointing to him) and this (pointing to Gibby) is John
- I have worked for Stephens before the riots - immediately before - I
remember the riots at Newport - I know it was on a Monday but don't know
the day of the month - I know a Man named Davies who lives at the
beyond Pill - I was at work for Stephens the week before the riots - I
saw Davies come to Stephens's shop with a pattern, with a pattern made of
wood, and said he wanted a thing of that form to rise earth with - it was
a long thing about ten inches long about one inch and a half wide, a flat
top - it was one straight piece of iron - I did not hear him call



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