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me to go with them I told them
I would not go they said that
I told anything of what I had
seen I should suffer for it
myself I know Jenkin Morgan
the milkman I was there on
the Sunday night before the Riots John Gibby
John Stevens was there The Irishman David Kerry was there
Morgan Jenkins & His Wife. They had
the Sticks in the Kitchen I saw 4
& saw the pikes upon them [?] &Stop about
half an hour - I was out Sunday
night but when I came back I found there
... some one come from
John Gibby to order us to Jenkin
's House I went but refused to join them I did not
know any other persons besides
Jenkin Morgan his Wife John.
John Stevens the Irishman
and myself but there were two
other men there and [?]a woman I did not know they
fastened the Pikes on with Hatchets
& made noise in so doing I heard them
say they were going to meet some party
about the Poor House they went out
one by one with Pikes in
their hands I saw Jenkin Morgan go I did
not see whether he took a Bayonet but I
saw one in the House at Jenkin Morgan

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I saw all the men go out one after the other Pikes when they were fastened
on I went back about 1/2 p[ast] 7 I was ordered to go with them at Jenkin
s I said I had no weapons and would not go when they told me if I told
any thing I knew they would kill me. The Pikes I saw ground at my Masters on the
[paper fold/words missing] was for Jenkin Morgan & the others for Davies at the Pottery The X mark of
E Brickley

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Depo: of Edwd Brickley



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