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The next I heard the magistrates were sitting
at the Westgate Inn enquiring into
- The reason I did not give Evidence agst the Prisoner
the Riots^ I did not want to give
the Information before the magistrates
at the Westgate I would not have given
____________ told
it unless I had xxx the Policeman
A man named Evans Jones a
Blacksmith from the Shop drew the
Drawing of the pike on the Shutter
about 2 or 3 Days before the Riots
at Newport I did not hear any
one order him to do it He seemed
as if he drew it as a Pastime for

Edwd Brickley X Ed by Mr Owen
I came from Monmouth
Gaol here I was take sent
there for Trial with my Master
for making Spears. I was examd
by this man here I do not know his
name. I was examind. yesterday agin the
Prisonr. He said nothing nothing to induce me
to come here. I came here as a prisoner
I was not examd by anyone before
being examined by this Gent-.



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