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in the Shop & I helpd John Gibby
_____________________ sharp as
grind the Pikes they were as ^
Razors they told me they were
for this business (the bit of a Row)
I saw about a dozen made
in the Shop - the door was
kept fast all the time - the
old man the Irish Man Gibby
& myself were all that were
in the Shop. We were about it
half an hour & I went home
they told me that if I would not
join this mischief they would
__ & I was told to be at Gibby's a
be the death of me ^On Sunday
night. I was afraid of my life -
& I went to John Gibbys House
in Pillgwenlly about 6 O clock
on Sunday before the Row
^ Then he & I went to Morgan Jenkins
House at Pillgwenlly
the Milkman.
We saw Jenkin Morgan & about
a dozen besides after I was there
the Irishman came in. They were



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