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Pikes after the Pikes
were [?]fast put on
the Sticks the men
took one apiece
and went out
It was 7 or 8 at night
Jenkin Morgan
took down a Bayonet
from the Chimney
piece & put in his
round a Waist
He took a pike in
his Hand and went out. John Gibby Prisoner
went away home as
he said to fetch
his Pike
he returned to Morgans
House ... & went
out with Morgan
They (Prisr, & Morgan)
wanted Witness

to go with them & to
take a Pike They said
they were going as
far as Caerleon
meet the Mob. Witness
would not go and

The following is written to the left of main section of text

Please call for
Pike In possession
of W H Y Williams[*]

Caerleon to
meet the Mob



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