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Regina vs John Gibby
Rees Rees of Pillgwenlly Constable states - I was taking
a Prisoner to Usk on Monday last for stealing a Hammer
belonging to Mr William Evans - He was very low upon
the road - I told him not to be low, he might not get so much
punishment as he expected - I told him it was much better to
be in his situation than to be in the place of the Chartists - He said
he was as near as this (showing me the bowl of a tobacco pipe in
his fingers) being in that - Impossible says I - It is true
says he - I was working with a man who made a good deal of
Chartist tools - I asked him who was the man - He told me it
was John Gibby who was working with him inEvans's shop -
I asked him if there was anyone else who made any - He said
there was an old Man who made some and who worked for
Evans - I asked him did Evans know of those things being
made in the Shop - He said - I don't know but he might
have seen the plans upon chalk - I asked him when the
last tool was made in the Shop - he said it was on the Saturday
night before the Sunday night when the Chartists met - He
told me that John Gibby told him to come to his house on the
Sunday night about 7 Oclock - He told me he went to Gibby's
Sunday night and from Gibby's house to Jenkin Morgan - I
I asked him if there were many in Jenkin Morgan's house Sunday night
He told me there was from a dozen to 15 there I asked him if
John Gibby was there - I asked what was them doing there -
They told me they were fastening the iron on the handles - I
asked if they did not keep any noise - he said they did keep
a great noise because they had not the proper tools to put them
on - I asked him what tools they had - He told me two old
hatchets - I asked him what time they went from there - He



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