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he might have seen the plans upon
the Chalk. When was the last tool
made in the Shop he said it was on
the Saty night before before the Sunday
night the Chartists met He told
me that Jno Gibby told him to come
to his House on the Sunday night
about 7 Oclock. He told me he went
to Gibby's Sunday night and from
Gibbys House to Jenkin Morgan
I asked him if there was many
in Jenkin Morgans' House Sunday
night. He told me there was from
a dozen to 15 there I asked him if Jno
was there I asked what
was them doing there. He told
me they were fastening the
iron upon the Handles I asked
if they did not keep any noise
he said they did keep a great
noise because they had not the
proper Tools to put them on
I asked him what Tools they



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