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to fit upon a Stick I filed
it I did not know nor did
he tell me what it was for
He paid me 1~ / 6 for it - and went
away. When he came to me first
to me he asked me to make something
like what I made Davies the Potter
but sharper at the point
Davies is a Potter at Pill & had brought
a Pattern in wood of some
thing he wanted made to fit upon
a Stick which he said was to cut
clay with - it was about 1 or 11/2
Inch wide about 10 Inches long
& made to fit upon a Stick
but that was not sharp. Davies
came a second time and said he
had broken the one I first made
for him & I made him a second
I do not think he could have
broken the first by fair play Jenkin
did not say what he wanted his
for. I never attended any meetings
I never attended any in my life.
I did not approve of it and
never went near it I have
not seen Davies since but have
heard that he lost his Arm

Vertical writing in the left margin appears to be a continuation of the above and reads:

in the Riots by being shot thro'. Jenkin Morgan I have also heard
is in Prison for joining the Riots

Wm Stephens

The other vertical writing in the left margin reads:

Wm Stephens & Gibby

636 [Is writen vertically on the right edge of the page]



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