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my own views - I saw nothing done with pikes - I was near the
front door when Hopkins said what I have stated - I don't know Mr
- I don't know any Mr Waters the Attorney, yes I do. I did
not see him there - I know many Mr Latches. - I did not see Mr Frost
that morning; I might two or three months ago - Once attended a chartist
Lodge. - The man held his pike upright when the special constable put
forward his hand to seize it - No offence had then been committed - They
were very quiet. The special constables began it. The people made
no noise; they only said they wanted their prisoners. It was in a low
voice - a quiet voice - as quiet as you - in a friendly manner - The sticks
of the pikes rested on the ground and the points up in the air. - They did
not behave offensively - The first thing done was a groan. It was
from the inside of the house, and that was soon followed by the reaching
out of the special constable to seize the pike; then there was a general
rush in, and then the Constables ran away - I don't know whether the
special Constables made a rush as well as the rest, for they made the most
noise. I did not hear them cry out "no never". They made a noise
as if they were pushing off the roof - I saw no mob rushing in, but
only two men come up, and ask for the prisoners in a quiet mild way
There were more outside - These two men were on the steps - The rest -
were six or ten yards behind the two persons who went up to ask for the
prisoners - It might be more or less - I believe it was six yards - I don't
know who these two persons were. I can't swear either of them had a Gun
I did not see them move from the spot where they stood. I believe they
stood there two or three minutes, during all which time I heard nothing
from the special constables but the groans and these men ask quietly for
the prisoners - I knew there were prisoners there - As soon as the -
Constables ran away I ran away - Nothing that I saw had then been
to assault the special constables, and I was quite in front before
them. - If any violence or offence or threat had been used I must have
seen it. I swear there was none. I did not see these two persons, nor
any of the mob, go into the house. I went away with the constables -
through the yard. - I ran away because I done the same as the rest
and there were my superiors there, and I thought they might do some

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