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good elswhere - I thought they might be wanted elsewhere for some
occasion of which I knew nothing. - I had not got out of the yard
before I heard of the firing. I then went away. It did not occur to
me that I could be of use with a stick. I went away because Mr
Hopkins the Superintendent of Police ran away and thought it was my
duty to follow him to assist him. I went home to my own wife and
family - Hopkins was behind me. I thought I had a right to go home
I know a person named Oliver. I did not see him there. I know Mr
I did not see him there. I can mention the name of one
person - Scard the policeman. But in the passage I saw no one I
knew, neither Waters nor Oliver, nor O'Dwyer, nor Latch, They might
have been behind me but I did not see them. I can't mention the
name of any one special constable who was there - When I heard Frost
make those speeches I did not hear him tell the people to be quiet, for
the time was not then come. I think I should have heard him - I
don't recollect it nor any words to that effect
The Attorney General
Did you stay at home that day? Nearly the whole of that day
Did you know that there was any riot at Newport on that day? - Except
from what I heard I did not know anything about a riot then. I did
not once see the peace broken there. I knew nothing of a riot, except
from the firing of the Guns - Everything was quiet as far as I saw
By Sir F. Pollock
I might have been a foot or two from the door - The door opened
at the right hand side, and I was on the left hand side going in - There
might have been 40 or 50 persons in the passage, that was about 9
o'clock When the Mob were coming, they all crowded to the passage to see
them, more out of curiosity than fear. I remember no one who was
there except Scard and Mr Hopkins, I went straight to the door of the
Westgate. I was close to the door - Might perhaps be a foot or two from
the door when I went away. There was a sort of rush to go back, but
not much confusion. I did not see what persons rushed into the passage
when the constable came. I did not hear any firing before I got into
the back yard - The yard is very small. I might be in the middle

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