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72 [In top right corner of page]
[left column]
Benjamin Gould - Examined
by Sir Frederick Pollock - I am a
Painter and Glazier residing at
Newport - I was asked to go on
Monday the 4th November to go to the Westgate as a
Constable. I was then Constable of
the Borough. I went in the morning
about 20 minutes before the firing
commenced. I was provided with
a Constable's Staff. I went to the
front door without being placed
there. - others were there with me.
I saw some persons come round
from Stow Hill with arms. Two
of them came forward up to the
Steps leading to the Westgate.
Mr Hopkins, the superintendent
of the Police was there at the time
He asked them what they wanted
They said "we want our Prisoners".
There was a sort of groan made by
some of the Special Constables behind
the me. The man who said "we want
our Prisoners" had a stick in his
hand, about 6 feet long, with a
piece of iron at the end of it. A
hand was reached out by one of
the Special Constables inside the
Westgate to take this Stick. Then
there was a general rush. The
Special Constables went away. I
went in at the back. I then heard
firing. The firing commenced about
a second after I got in at the back

1 [Encircled, at bottom centre of page]
[right column]

Henry Williams -
Examined by Sir F K Pollock -
Lives at Newport and is an
Ironmonger - recollects the Riots
on the 4th of November, Saw the
people come down Stow Hill-
was at the door at the Westgate
when they came up; the
persons who came up to the
door said "Surrender your
Cross Examined by the
Attorney General.

He had gone out that morng
with the Mayor, and saw the
people first at Pye Corner, saw
a great number - they were armed
with Guns, pikes mandrills
and hatchets - Saw them
going towards Tredegar Park -
he then returned to Newport -
he went out a Second time - &
saw them near the Portabella
- they were cheering
when he saw them the second
time and saw them near the
Portabella Machine - he then
returned to the Mayor to tell
him what he had seen
He was then stationed at the
Westgate door - till the mob
came down Stow Hill Wils
was wounded a few minutes
after the attack commenced [highlighted text struck through]
The 8th line of the left section has a cross at both ends, as well as being underlined.



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