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73 [In top right corner of page]
[left column: Benj. Gould cont]

way. I was constable when Vincent
was apprehended. There was a collection
of persons in the Streets at that time.
There was a disturbance between the
Constables and the people. Mr. Frost
that day spoke to the people. He
advised them peaceably to go home.
Cross [in margin]Examined by Mr Sergeant Ludlow. -
It might be 12 months before the
4th November that I heard Frost
give such advice. It was about
1/2 past 8 in the morning of the 4th
I went to the Westgate. I was
applied to by Mr Camden to act as
a Constable (he is a Master Painter)
as the Magistrates were there. I
did not know that the Magistrates
were at the Westgate until half-
past 8. At 7 oClock I heard
there was a body of men coming
down from the Hills. Some of the
Shops were shut, and I inquired.
I might have been at the Westgate
5 Minutes before the Mob came
down. I went from my Employer's
House. I knew the soldiers were usually
stationed at the poor house. I did
not see any soldiers there nor
knew there were any there until
I heard the firing. I went to the
front of the Westgate. I did not
put myself under the direction
of the Magistrates but acted
according to my own views

2 [Encircled, at bottom centre of page]
[right column: Hen. Williams contd]

- he was wounded with a
Gun shot in the head - two
stabs in the body and one in
the leg - he was standing at the
door acting as Special Constable
the mob tried to pass him, and
it was in endeavouring to prevent
them that he received the wounds.
Oliver stood next to him - he saw
a Gentleman named O'Dwyer,
he fell senseless stet after being wounded.
and did not recover till after
the Riot was over, the struggle
had been going on about two
Minutes before he was shot. there
were about 100 Special Constables there altogether - there
were about 20 in the Lobby. - the Special
Constables had merely a short
Staff - Saw the Soldiers arrive
from the Barracks - not a quarter
of a minute elapsed between the
time the person spoke to him
and the first shot fired. -
Chief Justice
Have you any doubt
about the expression used?
Witness None. -
Edward Hopkins - Examined by the Attorney Gl.
This Witness was objected to by
Sir Frk Pollock



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