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until I heard the firing - I
I went to the front of the Westgate -
I did not put myself under
the orders of the Magistrates but
acted according from my own views.
I saw nothing down with pikes
I was near the front door when
Hopkins said what I have stated

I don't know Mr Waters - I don't
Know any Mr Waters the Attorney
yes I do - I did not see him there,
I know many Mr Latch's - I did
not see Mr Frost that morning
I might two or three months ago -
once attended a Chartist Lodge -
The man held his pike upright
when the Special Constable put -
forward his hand to seize it.
No offence had then been
Committed they were very quiet
the Special Constable began it
The people made no noise
they only said they wanted
their Prisoners - It was in a
low voice - a quiet voice -
as quiet as you - in a friendly

manner - the sticks of the pikes
rested on the ground and the
points up in the air -
They did not behave offensively

The following annotations are to the right of Benjamin Gould's testimony:
[against lines 1-2] Fras Kenvin[Kynvin] contradicts this
[against lines 7-9] Edwd Hopkins Thos Bevan Oliver and John O'Dwyer contradicts this
[against lines 22-26] Contradicted by Thos
Bevan Oliver, John
P Dwyer
, Moses Scard
Isaac Venn
[against line 30] The same Witness
contradicts this



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