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The first thing done was a groan
It was from the inside of
the house - and that was soon
after followed by the reaching
out of the Special Constable
to seize the pike
. then there
was a general rush in and
then the Constables ran away
I don't know whether the
Special Constables made a
rush as well as the rest for
they made the most noise.
I did not hear them cry
out "no never" -
They made a noise as if they
were pushing off the Roof -
I saw no mob rushing in
but only two men come up - and
ask for the Prisoners in a
quiet, mild, way
- there were
more outside - these two men
were on the steps - these rest
were on the steps behind the
two persons who went up to ask
for the Prisoners - it might
be more or less - I believe it was
6 yards - I don't know who
those twp persons were - I cant
swear who those tw either of
them had a Gun - I did not
see them move from the spot
where they stood - [an underline is erased in the following]I believe they
stood there two or three minutes

The following annotations are to the right of Benjamin Gould's testimony:
[against lines 1-6]

This is contradicted
by Thos Bevan Oliver
John O'Dwyer
Moses Scard
Isaac Venn
James Jones
[against lines 18-20]

Contradicted by
the above Witnesses



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