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during all which time I heard nothing
from the Special Constables but the
groans - and these men ask quietly
for the Prisoners
I knew there were prisoners there -
As soon as the Constables ran away
I ran away -
Nothing that I then saw had
been done to assault [*note] the Special
Constables and I was quite in front
before them.
If any violence or offence or
threat had been used I must
have seen it - I swear there was
none - I did not see these two
persons nor any of the mob go into
the House - I went away with
the Constables through the
yard, I ran away because
I done the same as the rest and
there were my Superiors there
and I thought they might do
some good elsewhere - I thought
they might be wanted elsewhere
for some occasion of which I
knew nothing.
I had not gone out of the yard
before I heard the firing. I
then went away.
It did not occur to me that
I would be of use with a stick
I went away because Mr Hopkins

The following annotations are to the right of Benjamin Gould's testimony:

Contradicted by
the before named

by the before named



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