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Reg v Benjamin Gould
For Perjury
Isaac Ven - I live at Newport in the County
of Monmouth and I am a Bread and Biscuit
Baker - I was sworn in Special
Constable previously
to Monday the 4thNovember last the
day of the Riots - Mr. O Dwyer - Mr Oliver
and Mr Thomas Latch and Moses Scard
were with me - About 1/2 past
8 o'Clock I saw Benjamin Gould the
painter in the passage - He was not at
the door - I only saw him there a few
Minutes - I was standing on the right
hand side of the door leaning against
door post when the mob came down -
Benjamin Gould was not there then - Had he
been there he I must have seen him -
It did is not true that there was any groaning
on the part of the Special Constables or
any other party inside the house when
the mob was at the Door - nor any
attempt made to irritate the mob -
I was at the door from at the commencement of the firing -
to the and of the firing from the outside -
and when it ceased, as I thought to reload
for the purpose of [.] reloading, I made my



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