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John O'Dwyer sworn says I saw the Prisoner
at the Bar on last Monday Morning about 5 O'Clock
he was one of the Several Prisoners brought into the Mayors
Room by the Special Constables he was apprehended by
Mr Stephen Rogers's Company, his name is Charles Grove
that was the morning the Chartists marched into
this Town and attacked this House, it was 4 or 5
hours before the attack was made, when he was
brought in he was quite wet with rain - he
Stated that he had been at St,, Brides in the Moors,
he said he had been at Mr Burfields and other
places, that was the account he gave of himself
he said he went to see some acquaintences at #
St,, Brides, he appeared to have been out Several
Hours, I Searched him, he had no arms about
him. -
Sworn before us
Thos,, Hawkins
Wm,, Brewer
Octavius Morgan
James Coles

George Oliver sworn states, I am a Printer & Stationer
residing in the town of Newport I Know the -
Prisoner, he worked for me as a Painter last
Summer, he was then an apprentice, I was at
home on Monday last My House is situate about
100 Yards from the Westgate Inn, I saw the left
wing of the Chartists form up they were a large
body of men the principal part of them were armed
with all sorts of Weapons, I have understood that
that parties of men have formed themselves into
Societies as Chartists in this Town, I have Several

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