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times had conversation with the Prisoner at the Bar
about the Chartists, he worked for me and it was
on account of his leaving his work earlier than I
wished I spoke to him, it was in the very long
days the last Summer before the Summer Assizes -
it was I believe it was after Vincent was taken
I was present when Vincent was taken and -
committed. I offered to pay the Prisoner any Money
for continuing to work longer during the long days
I said to him "If you will continue to work beyond
your regular hours I will pay you any thing for your
extra hours for I want to get my work finished"
he said he would go to attend the Chartists Meetings
this happened more than one day, more than two days
I remonstrated with him a good deal, and said I
wondered at such lads as him troubling himself
about Chartists, he certainly could Know but very
little about it and as to grievances I thought he
could have none, he said that he attended their
Meetings and would attend them, that he Knew
their grievances and that if they could not have the
Charter one way they would have it another way,
they were determined to have it, When I told him, I
would give any any money if he would continue at his work
he said no not if I would give him five Pounds, I
dont think he told me how they meant to have the Charter
but he told me they were determinrd to have it, I told
him more than once that I thought we had seen enough
of the Chartists when Vincent was here, to satisfy any
reasonable man what their aim was I went so far
as to say that it was destruction of Property they
wanted & I feared Bloodshed, His answer to me
was - I hope it will be got without that, that was -
meaning the Charter no doubt, the subject was spoken
of Several days and his answer was always the same
I never could get him to work extra time when



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