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Chartists Meetings were held in the Evenings - He
did tell me that he did and would attend Chartists
Meetings, I did not offer him any particular Sum
for his extra work.
______________ George Oliver

Sworn before us
Thos Hawkins
W,, Brewer James Coles

Stephen Rogers Sworn States, I took the Prisoner
into Custody, I Know him, I am a Special Constable
I was on duty during the night of Sunday the #
third November Inst,, I had a certain number of # #
Special Constables under my Command, I received
my directions from Mr. Phillips the late Mayor, my
directions were to take my men to the Poor House
and to keep a good look out towards the Cross Hands
on the Risca Road and the Stow Turnpike Gate. the
Poor House is about a 1/4 of a Mile from the Westgate Inn,
on the Bassaleg & Risca Road that is the road along which
parties would come down from the Hills, I was ordered
and ordered my men to seize all Suspicious persons
I took the Prisoner myself, He was coming up the
Friars Road, it leads leads from the Waterloo -
Turnpike Gate towards Stow Church that would be
a way like wise along which persons would come
down to Newport from the Hills, I took the Prisoner
near the Stow Turnpike Gate, that lead in a direction
along which persons would come down from the Hills
I took him between 4 & 5 O'Clock on the Morning of
Monday the 4th,, November, I took him the Church
side of the Stow Gate between that Gate and the

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