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[top right corner] 109

[left margin in pencil ] vol. 10

Tuesday Morning Novr.. 26th 1839

Mr Hawkins,
Respecting a prisoner John
Mason, living at Victoria Square
in this town, The evidence against him will
be Lewis Loyd (and his wife), Engineer at Mr
Cords's [Cordes]
, Loyd (probably) will not
voluntarily, come as evidence, but if the
Magistrates will issue a warrant he must
attend, and the questions to the witnesses most
likely to be effective are those following
"Wife" Did you on Sunday night before the riots
hear the prisoner bidding farewell to his wife
and he (the prisoner) saying he would die by the
fate of night, ? Did you know that Thomas
Plasterer, (next door neighbour) gave him
a pike, and he ThosWilliams arm'd himself with
a gun, "Loyd" Did you see Thos Williams making
bullets, Did Gwillam and Williams shew you
their Arms - Did you lodge in Williams's
, What conversation happened in your
presence respecting robbing the Banks, and taking
away the Arms at the Poor house? &c. Mr Jayne
the Plasterer's son, saw ThosWilliams making
bullets and saw his mould, he is an important witness
against Thos Williams, (but he is not in Custody)



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